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The Rules

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Welcome to the official rules page! This page is designed to provide you with an essential understanding of the rules and guidelines to follow here on the server. The main thing that is asked is to not grief, don't steal, harass other players or use cheats of any kind.

The number one thing we see players lose their whitelist for is X-Ray. Please take a moment to disable or remove your x-ray mods to prevent any temptation of using an x-ray cheat on the server. The use of diamonds gained illegitimately in trade or donation will result in a warning applied to your account for Fraud.

We are notified of all diamond ore mined on the server and track chess transactions for non-chest owning players. We will see it, you can not hide it.

Property and Claims

When you claim land on Crafters you need to make sure of a few things; First of which being making sure your claim is valid and where you plan to build follows all the local rules, if applicable. Your land should then be marked and signs set up to state you own the land, even better would be creating a deed. You can learn about deeds on the wiki.

Gaining claim to an area is as simple as making sure it’s marked with signs, a deed is created by yourself or if you've done significant work on the area/build in question. In cases where ownership is challenged the validity will be checked by the glow people or CrafterOne.

Building on claimed land, ignoring any markings, will be handled at the owner’s discretion. Be that if they choose to demolish and keep all the items or to allow you to live in the area and continue building. Once granted building rights, they can not be revoked easily. This will be a case by case situation on the outcome.

Rules in other towns may be different from what we standardize for the server on this page, but are to be followed when on their soil. Please reference Spawn Town’s building codebook for building within Spawn Town as an example.

Cheats & Mods

In most cases the mods you are planning to use will be completely fine. There are only a few caveats when it comes to using these mods or cheats. Mods like X-Ray are not allowed. Mods like Baritone are allowed, but Baritone using X-Ray will catch you 2 warnings. “X-Ray” and “Using Baritone for personal gain via cheats”

In general, how you use a mod will determine if it is considered cheats. Using a mod (even if we label it an “allowed mod”) to gain an unfair advantage and exceed the capabilities of a vanilla player is cheating. Some mods may be “allowed” but have several different functions or purposes, of which some can still be considered cheats. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to justify/defend why using a mod a certain way isn’t an unfair advantage - regardless of who else uses it or who told you it’s allowed.

Below is a list of commonly requested mods, and our stance on them. This list of mods is not limited to a specific mod made by a specific author, but rather it includes any similar mods or features within other mods. It is not a strict list, more can be added depending on how often they are brought up. If you have a question regarding a mod you can open a ticket or @ a volunteer.

Mods that aren’t allowed

Mods that are allowed

Warning and Ban Policy

Warnings do not expire. Complicincy can result in a shared punishment if there is failure to report in a reasonable time.