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Release Notes for June 7, 2024
- CraftersAPI is now live and documentation is available on the wiki!
Release Notes for June 3, 2024
- Added the ability to use splash invisibility to hide item frames.

- Changes to milking players...
Release Notes for June 1, 2024
- Added -pride, -transpride, -panpride, -bipride, -lespride, -nonbpride and -asexpride as weapon flags for Pride Month.
Release Notes for October 13, 2023
- Player heads dropped before October 13th, 2023 will now update to display their new legacy status.
Release Notes for October 12, 2023
- Player heads now display more information.

- Player heads now drop 100%, regardless of PvP.
Release Notes for July 30, 2023
- Server updated to 1.20.1

- The world border has been expanded to 50k

- Plugins updated & optimized

- /pm no longer works when messaging offline players. If you want to send a message to an offline player, use /mail instead

Read about the new changes in version 1.20.1 here:
Release Notes for April 5, 2023
- Server updated to 1.19.4

Updated -

----1.19.4 CHANGE LOG---------------------------

- Updated Horse Breeding
- Interacting with armor or elytra items in-hand will now swap them with equipped gear
- The camera tilt when hurt is now based on the direction of incoming damage
- Potions colors have been adjusted to make different types of potions more distinguishable
- Potions no longer have an enchantment glint due to it obscuring the color of the potion contents
- Enchantment glint on items and armor is now more subtle
- Armor Stands now preserve custom names when placed and broken
- Vexes now use a separate charging animation when empty-handed
- Tweaks to recipe unlocking to make discovering vital crafting recipes easier for new players
- New accessibility options and improvements

Read more:
Release Notes for January 8, 2023
- Server updated to 1.19.3.
Release Notes for October 4, 2022
- Bedrock players can now connect to the same IP.

Optionally you can request your info be saved to avoid repetitive logging in. DM Plexiate.

- A new system of whitelisting is in place.
Release Notes for September 6, 2022
- Players now stop rendering at 144 blocks away instead of 32.

- works now.