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The classic Minecraft experience we had from 2011-2013 is something we are unable to translate to those who missed out on the 'good days' of the game.

Time and time again we have seen maps reset and our hard work is gone. Sure though; it can be a lot of fun to start fresh with others after every so often, but what about if we didn't? Crafters is a change on that aspect. We will never reset the map.

Created on January 28th, 2021; The server, which was at this time named Whitelist-Server, was made with the sole intent of containing players builds for as long as possible. The server takes monthly off-server backups and daily on-server backups.

an image of the all mighty lord GlowSteve.


Yes! You can!

Step 1:
Go to the official Discord Server of Crafters.

Step 2:
Find the # click-here-to-start channel under the

Step 3:
Open a ticket and wait for a Volunteer to assist you!